27 January 2012

How to solve the email system at the facility contacts in joomla

Many complaints from some bloggers about the email function in joomla error, when a website visitor to make contact on the form, there will be a message as follows:
Could not instantiate mail function error. 
By default, mail delivery system to send e-mail usually by PHP, but when having error problem, you can convert to sending emails via SMTP system, just do a little setting section administrator: try it with the following settings:
  1. Go to the administrator and select Global Configuration, then select the server.
  2. Change your email settings as follows:
30 October 2011

Creating a Joomla template with Web developer

Create and edit joomla template, there are many ways in which the website developer, one of which extensions make use with the Web Developer 1.1.9.  with extensions that can be integrated with Firefox, you can edit the template joomla style and look you like. Please download the Web Developer Extensions 1.1.9 and then install it into Firefox.
01 July 2011

One year of go-learning with Joomla platform

After one year of managing a site with joomla platform, it has been getting ranked on Google, now Go-learning.org got PR4 after update June 2011. Earlier it was getting sitelinks from Google with keywords Go Learning or Go-learning.

I say thanks to the developers CMS Joomla, Joomla is friendly with search engines. And it is not easy to be banned by Google like WordPress. With a nice view, Joomla is very easy to operate.
01 June 2011

Search Term Tagging for Joomla

If you liked the plugin Search Term Tagging (ST2) for wordpress, whose utility is to bring traffic from search engines, by means of indexing the keywords entered, and provide referrer in Urls. In the Joomla CMS you can use this. By installing the plugin ST2 for Joomla, you can change your Joomla SEO like wordpress.
12 May 2011

Joomla and Google Panda

Since was launched Google Panda enforcement around April 2011, the Joomla be potential to be used blogger in developing of their blog. Google's new way in determining the performance of search engines, by trying to do the index on the quality of posts.
22 March 2011

Setting robots.txt on joomla

Robots.txt is an important part in Search Engine Optimization, the form robots.txt file is .txt file in hosting at the root. The function of the robots.txt is to provide a code to the robot webcrawl googlebot or others, when it crawls your site or blog, to view please go to www.yoursite.com / robots.txt.
20 March 2011

How to change General facts about Joomla

If you use the menu and then Link to section article list. So by default will show made General facts about Joomla. This is the meta description default by CMS Joomla, and can't change by editing templates.

Then, how to change it? Or change the text and meta description according to which you want.

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